International CAPS event coming in July

The first international CAPS conference will be organised in Brussels the 1st July – 2nd July 2014. The event joins together the first CAPS pilots and projects, launched with the support of the European Commission in 2013. D-CENT is part of this CAPS family (website:

CAPS can be described as non-commercial, open Internet platforms, connecting citizens to each other – and to the “Internet of Things” whenever necessary. The abbreviation refers to Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation.

The CAPS2014 event will provide existing projects and initiatives with an opportunity to discuss their impact, increase their visibility, develop synergies and roadmaps. It is also a chance to liaise with any interested stakeholders: civil society organisations, NGOs, local communities, students and hackers, academic and industrial institutions, policy makers, national agencies, new Members of the European Parliament.

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