Welcome to our new website!

D-CENT website will publish in the public domain all relevant project results, code, and updates as we go along and progress with our project. Follow us via Twitter, Vimeo and Slideshare.

As you might already know, we have started in October 2013. In the “Resources” section you’ll find our project findings, and papers under the publications section. There you’ll find all our public deliverables (=official EU outputs), offering in-depth insight of our research and way of doing things. We also share press releases, newsletters, dissemination materials (like brochures and logos) there.

If you want to learn more about the project, our partners, methodology and key objectives you should go through “About us” section. If you have questions about the project or the platform, you might find our FAQ section useful.

Follow us via Twitter (@dcentproject). We’re also in Vimeo, will be uploading all our videos there in the future. To see our presentations, check Slideshare. When you want to see upcoming and past event relevant to us, check “Events”.

Thanks for checking on us!


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