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Engaging citizens in well-being and progress statistics

The Australian National Development Index, Happy City, HelpAge International, Nesta, the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, the European Network on Measuring Progress and Wikiprogress, invite you to join online discussion about well-being and progress statistics.

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Interviewing Joonas Pekkanen

D-CENT is talking to Joonas Pekkanen, the founder of Open Ministry crowdsourcing website in Finland. The website supports proposals getting through to the parliament. Pekkanen also works as an Open democracy expert at Forum Virium Helsinki, one of the D-CENT’s project partners, and is executing the Finnish pilot.

What is he thinking about D-CENT and what we’re trying to achieve?

If you’re interested the work we do in Finland, read an ealier post from Joonas about the Finnish pilot.


New initiative launches to decentralize the Internet

A new European-wide project launches which will build decentralized and privacy-aware tools for democratic participation to empower European citizens.

The initiative, D-CENT (Decentralised Citizens ENgagement Technologies), backed by the European Commission, will see the development of new open source, decentralized and privacy-aware digital tools and applications for direct democratic and economic empowerment.

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The Finnish Lean Inception Workshop

The Networked Citizen Activism in Helsinki

The D-CENT team was on location in Helsinki in the first week of March. The objective was to understand the Finnish context i.e. what kind of issues are active citizens facing when trying to self-organize and coordinate actions. The days were packed with user interviews with people behind citizens initiatives, citizen activists, municipal politicians, members of parliament and civil servants from different ministries and the city of Helsinki.

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