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Interview: Marco Sachy

Marco Sachy is the currency designer of the foundation, Ph.D Candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of Leicester School of Management. His research focuses on the nature of money, currency design and banking engineering in order to proactively expand the representational horizon and the modes of conducting the bottom-up resistance against the unfolding violence of financial capitalism.

Sachy works for in the D-CENT project doing research on Social Crypto Currencies and geo-localized market places.

D-CENT interview: Marco Sachy from D-CENT on Vimeo.

Interviewing Gunnar Grimsson

Gunnar Grimsson is the CEO of the Citizens Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Citizens Foundation has developed the online open source e-democracy platform Your Priorities and has used it to promote online, democratic debate and increase citizens’ participation in their community in Iceland and worldwide.

D-CENT interview: Gunnar Grimsson from D-CENT on Vimeo.

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