D-CENT tools page opened!

D-CENT has opened a brand new tools page! Visit tools.dcentproject.eu to learn why you should use D-CENT and what our tools can be used for. Get to know our pilots and see D-CENT tools in action.

D-CENT_Tools_440x220What does D-CENT do?

Our tools allow people to discuss and share content, engage in mass scale deliberation, collaborative policymaking, and voting. Visit tools page +

Why use D-CENT?

D-CENT grows longer-term alternatives to today’s highly centralised platforms and power structures. We value privacy and security, and our tools are built on open source code and open standards. D-CENT tools form a federated architecture – they can be combined in many ways to support democratic processes. Visit tools page +

Attending ICT2015IMG_0587_ed

D-CENT was showcasing in the exhibition area of ICT2015 in Lisbon. Our partners also participated two sessions. The event attracted more than 7000 ICT professionals.
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D-CENT in action

Large-scale experimentations in Spain, Finland and Iceland to develop and test the tools in practice. See what we have been doing in our three pilot countries.
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Choose and combine

D-CENT_Tools_2_440x220D-CENT tools support democratic participation. Try our demo tools to see D-CENT in action.
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Work with us

We invite developers to work with us. View our code on GitHub, fork it and expand the eco-system.
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