D-CENT: Desarrollando la próxima generación de herramientas digitales para la democracia directa

¿Cómo podemos utilizar la tecnología para ayudar a facilitar la democracia directa y la particpacion ciudadana? Aquí puedes ver la entrevista con Francesa Bria, la coordinadora del proyecto internacional D-CENT. D-CENT (Tecnologías de Participación Ciudadana Descentralizadas) es el mayor proyecto europeo sobre democracia directa y participación ciudadana, y uno de los organizadores del evento en Madrid Ciudades democráticas – Tecnologías de los comunes y derecho a la ciudad democrática.

Interview: Francesca Bria, Nesta from D-CENT on Vimeo.

D-CENT in Rome: Changing Democracy in Europe

On the 18th of April 2016, D-CENT organised together with the Five Star Movement Italy an event diving into network democracy and new forms of citizen participation. The event brought together 150 participants – politicians, activists, academics, developers – to discuss the future of direct democracy. Thank you for all participants! Read more +

Open Call for unconference sessions in Madrid

To showcase and celebrate the results of the D-CENT project a week-long programme of activity Democratic Cities – Commons technology and the right to a democratic city is taking place from the 23-28 May in Madrid, Spain. The week begins with a five-day Democracy Lab (23-27 May) delivering workshops, hackathons and open sessions. The call is now open for sessions on Wednesday and Thursday.  Read more +

D-CENT event in Rome: Network democracy and new forms of citizen participation

D-CENT welcomes you in Rome on the 18th of April 2016, to join out event Network democracy and new forms of citizen participation. Organised together with the Five Start Movement Italy, this event brings together politicians, activists, researchers and academics, civil society organizations, developers and hackers to discuss the future of direct democracy and citizen participation.

Read more +

Tools for Democracy: Abriendo la Participación

Text by Pablo Aragón (Eurecat), original published here.

The beginning of the week has been followed by the attendance to the event Herramientas para la democracia: Abriendo la Participación held in Medialab Prado (Madrid). The event has gathered citizens from several Spanish cities and international experts in digital participation in order to discuss experiences on online tools for direct and deliberative democracy. Read more +

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